Zelda AU WIP - Wig!

I have not been feeling good at all today. Being home really helped after work, but I still pretty icky. So I’ve been working slow and daintily on my zelda wig :) 

First up- French braid into fall! I had some major issues with this idea and thanks to my buddy gingerkittycosplay who helped me with some ideas, I was able to think of an uppdo. Essentially I did this: Two small parts pull to the back which I belnd back into the tails of the french braid. The braids are pulled up and tight, but not tied together. Then, I used two hair combs and pushed it into the hair while the upper fibers were pulled back. That locks the french braids in place for me to drape. The small bobby pins at the top are my faux anchors to where the crown will sit.

The only downside I’m feeling is the fact that my braid is very lose at the bottom of my head. This is both an advantage and disadvantage. This means when I grow my hair out, or, when it grows in I might say, I got room to put it. But… it makes it look a little baggy I guess, or my head looks huge. Sadly, I’m at a point I can’t fix it so on with the show :) At least it will cover all my nice short hairs!



Today I had a long talk with one of my followers, they shared with me their story, and I shared mine with them. When everything was said, I felt it was time to pass on a piece of advice I’d been given years before.

Anyone who claims to be your “friend” but doesn’t celebrate your victories, and never misses your failures, is NOT your “friend.”

This goes for all walks of life, but it echoes louder for artists, writers, and musicians. If you have someone who claims to be your “friend” but has done nothing but hinder you, your passion, and your craft— then you have my permission to walk away.

There’s a saying in Mexico…

"I would rather be alone than in bad company."

Stay strong, dear followers. You don’t ‘owe’ anyone your friendship. It doesn’t matter if you have known each other your whole life, or if you just met. You have a limited time on this planet, don’t waste it surrounded by people who hinder your art.